‘Honest and Strikingly Stellar:’ The Humans Book Review

What I really loved previously with ‘More Than This’ by Patrick Ness was it was so honest and endearing to my spirit that I instantly made it my number one on my best books I have ever read ever. The brutal realism but rather an doubtful truth made it so simple and melodic in my visuals. And here comes the catch recently, someone has challenged its capabilities to move me as I discovered one hell of a new ride that is a book entitled ‘The Humans’ by Matt Haig.

The Not-Spoiler-liphic Premise

Seeing by how the title states in obvious manner, the narrator is definitely not human as it examines us, humans (or are you?) in the most real way. It mainly discusses in great detail about an unnamed alien whose job on Earth is to kill Professor Andrew Martin and to be his imposter, thereby making no other traces of the former one. It is because Andrew Martin has proven a mathematical theory about prime numbers that is far too advanced for the human race that the alien life-forms are alarmed (Shaking life forms. In light years. The Andrew Martin way is how you do it gurl.) Does geek-ception stop there? No, of course not. This unnamed alien is also tasked to kill other people informed about this proven theory in order to make the alien overlords sane again.

IMG_2882The synopsis sounds ridiculous and strange as I’m stating it, but I’m telling you, you are missing out. Since the day I finished reading this book, my best books list is on the verge of a meltdown. Even the best authors list is having a revolution. This novel certainly had my lungs tired from laughing too much by the satire. And the innocence of the maincharacter perfectly demonstrates a good “travelogue” in relation to the study of us. The words ran through my senses perfectly and the melody sounds just right. Matt Haig knows how to dwell with the plot points in a structured manner. There aren’t any flaws and plot holes to be mocked at that it is just pure work of a genius. On the humor side of things, it definitely does not disappoint. I really loved how the play on sarcasm and the light math jokes suddenly goes up in a typical dialogue and then get deeper meaning from that statement. It was sarcasm turned into deep essay that will get you hooked on the rise and fall of the novel. Key plot points generally include, well, THE ENTIRETY OF THE WHOLE DAMN BOOK. It is that good, I am telling you.

IMG_2894Structure-wise, the characters of this story is so mature in a way that a character Isobel, doesn’t sound like her son, Gulliver. Their identities are so unique and very deviated to one another. I think that very few talented authors have this kind of talent of making their characters very realistic and detailed that they don’t sound alike, and I appreciate it
highly on this novel. It was not a feeling of “Hey, I wrote a book for about six months and I think it’s just as fine as the last one so let’s market it right away!” but rather a very meaningful book of deep meanings from a very emotional and romantic author. This is evidently known as Matt Haig wrote this on 2000 at a time he had a panic disorder. Seeing how he went through those thirteen years through this writing, it also mirrors his victory on overcoming it and I feel it. It surely lives onto me as I am having some bad psychological instances these past few years. The constant shift of real to romantic context is so fluid. This book is so mature and soulful.

This book made me feel more wholesome again, more “human” for the sake of the title. It certainly takes a skill to study the evolution of poop that is the Homo Sapiens, but this bible I read through made it so effortless that I felt all the A to Z’s of emotions and my psyche has never been more satisfied.  I will never get tired of re-reading this magic again.

(I am not monetized to do this but if you are interested in this book better deals are always on Book Outlet. I bought via a shipping cart since I am from the Philippines. Happy reading!)

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