Barely Even There

I know there was once this young boy who serves wholeheartedly for his purpose. Staying true and firm to all his ideals and beliefs. He was the delight of the sunrise and the dreamer of the night. But suddenly this boy became little of a man. The horizons became a lot smaller and the view started to shift from reaching to the stars to gathering of all the dust. He seems to have lost his purpose. Now he’s barely even there. Somewhere between those distant galaxies, he’s rotting away by his own culture of bacterium.

He was his own identity. He was the innocence of the divide.

But who is he nowadays? Is he as far-reaching as before, or was he the speck of glimmer the comet used up?

I bet he already felt the gravity of the truth. And I hope he doesn’t stop from trying to get there: To the vast majority of the cosmos.

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