The Little Drummer Boy

So three years ago I was trying to make a first: a short story. But I’m not too confident to share. I just don’t feel like someone will see it as a “pleasing work” for their standards. So I will just post it here:


Parapampum- pum, parapampum- pum, rapampum- pum. There goes my sound. “I am living the dream” as what people should say. I play my life freely through my drums, sharing my music everyday. Or maybe not, for homelessness is even worse than living in slum. “What’s your name?” one passenger asks. But I silently hand a single envelope on each of their laps. I should show my talent first. Then sing my song, with the beat of my drum. The rhythm keeps the ride alive, but people find it irritating. But I don’t care, atleast I forget about life in a few seconds with a single tap.

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